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Cancelled! NAT educational day

All teachers and everybody else interested in teaching are warmly welcome to the Educational Day of the Faculty of Natural Sciences

Info about event


Tuesday 18 January 2022,  at 13:00 - 16:00


Stakladen, Fredrik Nielsens Vej 2, building 1423

The overall theme will be on how to transform from being a pupil to become a university student, and how we as teachers can facilitate that process.

13.00-13.15: Welcome, by vice-dean of education Kristine Kilså (in Danish and in English).

13.15-14.15: Becoming a university student, presentation by professor Paul Ashwin, Lancaster University, UK (in English).

The presentation will focus on the becoming and being of first year students. The presentation will provide different perspectives on structural dimensions of becoming a student, including how the curricula in a university can be designed in ways that help to transform students’ understanding of themselves and the world. In addition the presentation will focus on who the students are – and our presumptions about them – as well as the purposes of education and the overall educational responsibilities.

14.15-14.45: Coffee and net-working.

14.45-15.15: Organization of first-year teaching, presentation by Laura Cordes Felby, CED, Aarhus University (in Danish, hand-outs in English).

The second part of the educational day focuses on the first-year teaching at NAT. An introduction is given to a number of areas, which research points out are particularly important for supporting a successful transition from pupil to student. The presentation covers how this could be considered in the teaching at NAT, and this become the basis for discussions and group work, where we look at possible and specific ways to accommodate these research points in our first-year teaching.

15.15-15.45: Discussions in groups on how to facilitate the high-school students to become a university student (in Danish or in English depending on group).

15.45-16.00: Closing remarks, by dean Kristian Pedersen (in Danish and in English).

16.00: Optional finishing of the day with refreshments and snacks.


On behalf of NAT Education Forum,

and with hopes of seeing you all,