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Possible student Projects

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Associate Professor Tenna Riis

Email: tenna.riis@bios.au.dk; Tel. 6020 2641

Research areas:

  • Aquatic plant biology (plants role in stream ecosystem function)
  • Biogeochemical cycling in stream ecosystems (nutrient and carbon cycling)
  • Biodiversity in stream systems (rare and declining species, stream restoration)
  • Arctic stream ecology (ecosystem function, biodiversity)

Assistant Professor Franziska Eller

Email: franziska.eller@bios.au.dk; Tel. 8715 6116

Research areas:

  • Plant ecophysiology (photosynthesis, environmental stress, functional traits)
  • Vegetation acclimation to global change (common reed gardens, invasive species, phenotypic plasticity)
  • Paludiculture and bioenergy crops

Associate Professor Peter Grønkjær

Email: peter.groenkjaer@bios.au.dk; Tel: 87156114

Research areas:

  • Climate variability and productivity in North Atlantic fish populations.
  • The field metabolic rates of wild fishes – key to understanding the impact of climate change on fish populations.
  • Contemporary and historical changes in marine food webs exploring used otolith based stable isotope analyses.

Associate Professor Kim Nørgaard Mouritsen

Email: kim.mouritsen@bios.au.dk;Tel: 8715 6113

Research areas:

  • Coastal host-parasite interactions
  • Climate change & parasitism
  • Parasitic manipulation of host behaviour
  • Parasites as ecosystem engineers
  • Caste-formation in trematode colonies
Billede af Brian Keith Sorrell

Associate Professor Brian Keith Sorrell

Email: Brian Keith Sorrell

Research areas:

  • Wetland and aquatic plant ecophysiology and ecology
  • Restoration of wetland ecosystems and development of wetland crops in paludiculture
  • Nutrient cycling and eutrophication management in wetlands
  • Light and nutrient control of photosynthesis in Arctic sea ice algae

Assistant Professor Claus Rasmussen

Email: claus.rasmussen@bios.au.dk; Tel. 2259 7679

Research areas:

  • Bee ecology and evolution (biodiversity, pollination, biogeography, conservation)
  • Insect diversity (sampling methods, morphology or DNA-based identification, phylogeny)
  • Reed associated insect (community ecology, species-interactions)

Associate Professor Ph.D. Lars Chresten Lund-Hansen

Email: lund-hansen@bios.au.dk; Tel: 8715 5615

  • Sea ice ecology - Light, nutrients, physics, ice algae, bacteria, and virus. Adaptation strategies to a cold, dark and extreme environment with links to extraterrestrial life.
  • Arctic marine ecology – Effects and consequences of a possible increased primary production with more light in the water column. Effects of increased ocean temperatures in the Arctic. Effects of increased freshwater run off from glaciers.
  • Estuarine ecology– Physics and biota in arctic, temperate, and tropical estuaries as the link between land and ocean. Differences and similarities.

Professor and Head of Department Hans Brix

Email: hans.brix@bios.au.dk; Tel. 2899 2031

Research areas:

  • Wetland plant ecophysiology (invasive species, paludiculture, bioenergy)
  • Biogeochemical cycling in wetlands (greenhouse gas emission, carbon sequestration, etc.)
  • Constructed wetland technology

Senior Researcher Carlos Alberto Arias

Email: carlos.arias@bios.au.dk. Tel: 8715 6354

Research areas:

  • Electroactive systems for water pollution control
  • Decentralized wastewater treatment
  • Recovery of resources from wastewaters