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The Section for Microbiology studies microbial physiology, evolution, ecology, and biogeochemistry. The development and integration of microbiological, molecular biological and biogeochemical methods, micro sensor technology, and physical-chemical analyses has contributed to the strong research profile of the Section in microbiology and microbial ecology. This spectrum of methods ensures research at all biological levels, from single cells to microbial communities, ecosystems, and the role of microorganisms in the global element cycles.

Our research focuses on aquatic environments represented by three research centres: 1) Center for Electromicrobiology is a Center of Excellence funded by the Danish National Research Foundation. The center is targeting microbially mediated bioelectricity of marine and fresh water sediments, 2) Centre for Water Technology targeting water management and 3) Center for Geomicrobiology targeting the microbial ecology and biogeochemistry of marine environments. Further research fields are microorganisms in extreme environments including astro- and aeromicrobiology, microbial symbiosis, bacterial biofilms, and the application and control of microorganisms in biogas reactors, and industrial plants.

The Section for Microbiology offers a teaching curriculum, which provides students with skills that constitute a versatile professional foundation for a modern microbiologist. The course content includes both theory and practice and focuses on the section's core research areas.


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2019.02.12 | Microbiology

New Erasmus student: Samuel Greenrod

Topic: Metagenomics of social spider symbionts

2019.02.12 | Microbiology

New BA student: Lærke Christensen

Bachelor project: The Chelicerate Microbiome

2019.02.12 | Microbiology

New BA student: Lea Plum

Bachelor project: Diversity and competition of marine cable bacteria strains

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