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Possible student projects

Professor and Head of Section Andreas Schramm 

Email: andreas.schramm@bios.au.dk; Tel: 6020 2659

Research areas:

  • Bacteria-Animal Symbiosis (in earthworms, marine invertebrates, spiders…)
  • Physiology & Molecular Biology of Cable Bacteria
  • Microbial N Cycling

Professor Bente Aagaard Lomstein

Email: bente.lomstein@bios.au.dk; Tel: 871-56595 (60202769)

Research areas: Microbial activity in the deep sub-seafloor:

  • How active are they?
  • How big are they?
  • How many are dormant?

Microbial biogeography evaluated by dispersal of bacterial endospores

Professor Bo Barker Jørgensen, Head of Center for Geomikrobiology

Email: bo.barker@bios.au.dk; Tel: 2010 2123

Research areas:

  • Biogeochemical processes and microbiology of the seabed
  • Sulfur cycling and sulfur isotopes
  • The deep sub-seafloor biosphere

Associate professor Hans Røy

Email: hans.roy@bios.au.dk; Tel: 871-56549


  • Energibegrænsede mikrobielle samfund
  • Stofkredsløb i havbunden
  • Modellering af mikrobielle processer

Professor Kai Finster

Email: Kai.Finster@bios.au.dk; Tel: 5124 0515

Research areas:

  • Astrobiology – life on Mars and on Exoplanter
  • Aerobiology - the role of bacteria in atmospheric processes
  • Glacial microbiology – methane dynamics in glacial environments
  • Physiology of sulphur bacteria – Fermentation of sulphur compounds

Associate professor Kasper Urup Kjeldsen

Email: kasper.kjeldsen@bios.au.dk; Tel: 871-55985


  •   Geomikrobiologi
  •   Molekylær mikrobiologi
  •   Bioinformatik

Professor Lars Peter Nielsen

Email: biolpn@bios.au.dk; Tel: 6020 5624

Forskningsområde: Alt om kabelbakterier og elektriske strømme i naturen:

  • økologi, fysiologi,
  • forekomst, adfærd, kommunikation, elektronik,
  • genetik, evolution og anvendelse

Scientist Marie B. Lund

Email: mblu@bios.au.dk; Tel: 9199 5883

Research areas:

  • Microbial Symbiosis

    Professor Niels Peter Revsbech

    Email: revsbech@bios.au.dk; Tel: 2338 2187

    Research areas:

    • Respiration and photosynthesis in the pelagic environment
    • Optimization of waste water treatment to avoid N2O emission
    • Quantification of anaerobic metabolism by use of a new CO2 sensor
    • Development of a biosensor for short-chain fatty acids in wastewater

    Associate professor Nils Risgaard-Petersen

    Email: nils.risgaard-petersen@bios.au.dk; Tel: 871-56508

    Research areas:

    1. Electromicrobiology
    2. Biogeochemistry
    3. Mikrobial element cycling

    Associate professor Rikke Meyer

    Email: rikke.meyer@biology.au.dk; Tel: 6020 2794


    • Bakterier som danner biofilm
    • Mekanismerne bag naturlige antimikrobielle stoffer
    • Antifouling overflader
    • Mikrobiel syntese af biogene nanopartikler

    Associate professor Sebastian Schlafer

    Email: sebastians@odont.au.dk; Tel: 871-67497

    Research areas:

    • Dental biofilms
    • In situ analysis of bacteria, pH, and extracellular polymeric substances in oral biofilms

    Assistant professor Tina Santl Temkiv

    Email: temkiv@phys.au.dk; Phone: 871-68464

    Research areas:

    • Astrobiology
    • Aeromicrobiology Aeromicrobiology