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Lecture with Jens-Christian Svenning available online

On February 11th 2021, Jens-Christian gave a lecture and Q&A on ‘Late-Quaternary megafauna extinctions – the onset of human transformation of the biosphere.’

The event was a part of the Human Niche series organized by the Max Planck Institute. In the lecture, Jens-Christian Svenning outlined how the near-global down-sizing of faunas in the late-Quaternary represents the first human transformation of the biosphere. He further presented the ecological consequences and the implications for ecosystem restoration in the Anthropocene.


If you missed the event, you can see a video of the full lecture through this link: https://human-niche.com/prof-jens-christian-svenning-discusses-the-onset-of-human-transformation-of-the-biosphere/


The lecture gave rise to some debate, including a commentary from Dr. Matthew Stewart, who disagreed with Jens-Christian on whether human overkill is responsible for the megafauna extinctions. You can read the exchange between Dr. Matthew Stewart and Jens-Christian through the link here: human-niche.com/an-exchange-following-prof-svennings-lecture/