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New publication: Discordance between farmers and scientists - Perspectives on nitrogen reduction measures in Denmark

Sara Iversen, Tommy Dalgaard & Morten Graversgaard have recently authored the research paper “Discordance between farmers and scientists - Perspectives on nitrogen reduction measures in Denmark” in which they uncover the different perceptions amongst scientists and farmers about the measures that can be taken to mitigate nitrogen pollution.

The research concerns the large environmental problem of nitrogen pollution and examines the different perspectives amongst scientists and farmers on the solutions to mitigate nitrogen pollution.
Their work is important, as it provides us with extensive and complex insight into two of the most important actors, farmers, and scientists, capable of making improvements to the environment by promoting reduced nitrogen leaching within agricultural management systems. Furthermore, it identifies significant barriers to the uptake of the best possible measures and can thereby offer advice on future communication and knowledge sharing.

The research examines an area of massive importance from the perspectives of two important stakeholders, scientists and farmers, while also providing important learnings for policymakers who are tasked with establishing measures to counter nitrogen pollution. 

For policymakers, understanding the perceptions of different stakeholders is important when selecting initiatives and can further help enhancing collaboration and knowledge sharing as well as communication amongst stakeholders.

Find the publication here: https://bio.au.dk/forskning/forskningscentre/sustainscapes/forskning/rapporter