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Herbarium (AAU) - the Department of Biology

Aarhus University Herbarium, with the standard abbreviation AAU, houses about 750,000 specimens of dried and pressed plants, collected in many different countries throughout the world. The geographic emphasis of the herbarium is tropical South America, Southeast Asia, and the Sahel region in Africa. The flora of Ecuador, Thailand, Senegal and Burkina Faso are particularly well represented.

The palms, grasses, legumes, ferns, and the ginger family are particularly well represented in the herbarium. The specimens are kept in the basement and ground floors of the building, and they are placed in cabinets with about nine kilometers of shelf-space. Other parts of the building include space for the staff and work space for students and visiting scientists.

I addition to  the dried herbarium specimens, the herbarium has a collection of about 10,000 alcohol preserved flowers and fruits, and a collection of about 3,000 silica-gel dried leaf samples for DNA studies.

The herbarium participates in the international world-wide network of herbaria. We have exchange and loan relations with about 340 other herbaria. The researchers working in the Aarhus University Herbarium have access to a world-wide system of plant collections through this network. In the same way the material kept in the Aarhus University Herbarium is accessible to researchers throughout the world.

Herbarium Jutlandicum. StenoMusen 58 (text in danish)

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The Aarhus University Herbarium (AAU)
Ole Worms Allé 1
Building 1137, Universitetsparken
DK-8000 Aarhus C, Denmark
Director: Dr. Finn Borchsenius
E-mail: finn.borchsenius@sm.au.dk
Mobil: +45 23815322

Databases and resources:
The AAU herbarium database
(including nomenclatural types and images)