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The Power of Experimental Macroecology in Disentangling Global Change Impacts on Plants, Vegetation, & Ecosystems

Biochange seminar serier

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onsdag 17. marts 2021,  kl. 14:00 - 15:00



Foredragsholder: Prof. Vigdis Vandvik, Universitetet i Bergen     



Predicting the rate, magnitude, and consequences of ecological responses to

unprecedented rates of global environmental change present a pressing challenge for

today’s ecologists. Both experimental and macroecological approaches are yielding

important insights, and while these approaches originated from very different schools of

thought we are now increasingly seeing collaborative efforts to combine them, for

example by replicating experiments across gradients, regions, and biomes. In this talk,

Prof. Vandvik will give examples of such experimental macroecological approaches,

and highlight some of the insights gained from these approaches but also explore

challenges and discuss opportunities and priorities for the future of experimental

macroecology. An often-overlooked opportunity in these approaches lie in their use as

educational platforms. Opportunities for hands-on experiences with ‘real’ research, and

especially when local field sites and experiments can be set in a broader regional or

even global context, has great potential for enhancing educational outcomes. Prof.

Vandvik will discuss how ‘real-life’ research experiences can enhance student learning,

engagement, and motivation for future roles in science and society.

Host: Prof. Jens-Christian Svenning, Department of Biology, Aarhus University.

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