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12.05.2020 | CEM

Featured on dr.dk (in Danish)

Mystisk livsform opdaget i Aarhus Bugt: Kan gøre ris mere klimavenlig

20.04.2020 | CEM, Offentligheden / Pressen, Kvalifikationseksamen

Qualifying exam: Benjamin Smed Korsgaard

The Conductive Machinery of Cable Bacteria.

Josephine Ward and Henrik Høi Liboriussen
Michael Lund, Sarah Jannie de Roode and Judith van der Giessen
Ugo Marzocchi

21.02.2020 | CEM

New people

Welcome to 5 students and welcome back to 1 postdoc.

08.01.2020 | CEM

Bacteria discovery changes our understanding of the world

It’s easy to overlook what you’re not expecting to see. This was confirmed for Professor Lars Peter Nielsen ten years ago when he discovered electric currents in the seabed that turned out to be due to unknown bacteria: cable bacteria. His revolutionary discovery is changing the world's understanding of bacteria, and in 2017 the Danish National…

Illustration of the idea behind BIOMAP. Cable bacteria transport electrons over centimeter distances, connecting a sulfide oxidizing reaction with an oxygen reducing reaction, which results in electric potential differences in the environment. This has been shown in sea and lake sediment, and if cable bacteria in a similar way connect the chemical energy in a patch of soil pollution with the oxygen in the soil above, electric potential differences can be detected on the soil surface. This idea is supported by pilot experiments and the BIOMAP consortium will turn the idea into a new cheap and non-intrusive method for soil pollution mapping. (Illustration: Lars Riis Damgaard)

18.12.2019 | CEM, Mikrobiologi

Electric bacteria will show the way to soil contamination

In a new collaborative project called BIOMAP, researchers, the business community and government agencies and institutions will utilize electrical signals from soil bacteria to map soil-contaminated sites in Denmark. The Innovation Fund Denmark has invested nearly 12 million DKK in the project, which is intended to make mapping of soil…

18.10.2019 | CEM

New Master's student

A warm welcome to Anne Bendtsen

05.09.2019 | CEM

Four new Masters's students at CEM

A warm welcome to Christian, Lærke, Rosa and Morten who are joining us this semester.

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