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Plant ecophysiology

Denne side er under udvikling

Plants are fascinating organisms that are capable of acclimatizing and adapting to an enormous range of environmental conditions. Our research focuses on the physiological, biochemical and morphological mechanisms that plants use to cope with stresses, suboptimal conditions and climatic changes. The response strategies can vary largely between, but also within, plant species, and therefore we investigate, which inherent plant traits are responsible for those different reactions.

Stressors frequently met by plants, especially because of the global climatic changes, are flooding and sea level rise, drought, elevated atmospheric CO2 concentration, temperature increases, extreme climatic conditions, but also eutrophication and invasive competitors, as consequences of anthropogenic interference.

A mechanistic understanding of coping strategies of environmental challenges will contribute to our understanding of population and ecosystem dynamics. Our research aims at answering the pivotal questions: How do plants respond to various biotic and abiotic changes? Why do these responses differ even within the same species? How do these responses and adaptations affect ecosystem functioning? How can we use plants to alleviate environmental impacts, such as carbon losses to the atmosphere, eutrophication of water bodies or the decrease of biodiversity?

Contact: Franziska Eller, Brian K. Sorrell and Hans Brix