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Bayesian course

11.11.2019 | Dennis Pedersen

Photos by Jonathan Von Oppen

14 students from Austria, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Scotland, and Sweden (including EcoInf & BioChange PhD students Elena Pearce, Oliver Baines, Houjuan Song and Jonathan von Oppen) attended a workshop on Bayesian Analysis in Ecology, held from 11 to 15 November 2019. The course, intended as a networking opportunity for young researchers, was funded by the Danish Society OIKOS and organised by Jonathan von Oppen. Dr. Anne Bjorkman from Gothenburg University (former ECOINF postdoc with Signe Normand) introduced the participants to Bayesian theory and, most importantly, practical modelling using JAGS syntax in R. Topics covered included basic linear regression, hierarchical models, how to deal with uncertainty in your data, and mixture models using several distributions. The week was wrapped up with a seminar day, where all participants presented their PhD research and discovered many connections between the projects. A big thank you to Anne for the teaching, to all the attendees for contributing to a fun and memorable week, and to the Danish Society OIKOS for making this course possible!

Text by Jonathan Von Oppen

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