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“Restoring global forests and biodiversity” workshop

02.12.2019 | Dennis Pedersen

Photo by Dennis Pedersen

Forests are key components of the Earth system and they provide a large set of ecosystem services to humanity. Forests are also seen as part of the solution to anthropogenic global warming, with their capacity to be a carbon sink. In the context of United Nations agenda to restore an ecologically damaged planet, it is not thus surprising that forest restoration has sprouted a lot of interest.

Current global analysis attempts have been focusing on restoring forest cover to increase the Earth’s carbon sink capacity, but little is known to what extent such efforts could also be accompanied by efforts to halt the mass extinction of species.

To address the issue, an international group of 15 researchers with different expertise and perspectives on land science, social sciences and ecological sciences were gathered at BIOCHANGE and ECOINF, during 02-06 December 2019. The workshop, “Restoring global forests and biodiversity”, was intended to analyze, project and write-up how global restoration efforts may have the potential to restore biodiversity in the 21st century. The workshop attendees were from France, Spain, Sweden, the USA, China, Netherlands, and South Africa, together with BIOCHANGE & ECOINF researchers (Alejandro Ordonez, Jens-Christian Svenning, Robert Buitenwerf, Pep Serra-Diaz, Signe Normand, and Wenyong Guo).

During the workshop, we discussed the framework of the proposed project, put together many available data, and prepared some initial analyses. It was a very productive, informative and fun workshop. We are looking forward to the output from the workshop.

Text by Wenyong Guo

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