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Plant Week

BIOCHANGE sponsored the Girls in Science: Plant Week from 29 July- 2 August 2019, where young girls spent a week at the Botanical Garden’s greenhouses learning about different stages of a plant’s life.

04.09.2019 | Dennis Pedersen

Dato man 29 jul fre 02 aug
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Ashley Pearcy Buitenwerf organized the week along with the Science Museums. Each day guest scientists came to teach a lesson and host a hands-on activity, including dissecting fruits, going on a seed hunt, identifying pollinators, and matching herbivores to their feces. Julia Mata and Susanne Vogel from BIOCHANGE taught the last day, which, with a focus on poop, became the girls’ favorite, and most memorable activity of the week. The week was a success, especially since we started the week with the girls being surprised that our scientists were women and ended with them recognising they could be scientists too.