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Palms, Emblems of tropical forests

Professor Henrik Balslev, Ecoinformatics and Biodiversity

08.09.2020 | Anne Kirstine Mehlsen

Dato lør 12 sep
Tid 14:00 16:00
Sted Dokk 1 lille sal, Aarhus

Raíces, the Aarhus-based bridge between Denmark and the Spanish speaking world, is pleased to resume the initiative Raíces de Cultura, a series of popular talks held by academics and researchers for a general public. 

Next Saturday the 12 of September we will treat you to a trip around the world to discover different ways humans adapt to the environments they live in. From South America to Africa and Asia, there are around 2400 different kinds of palms, used to build houses and roofs, to create objects and even for human consumption. Henrik Balslev, Professor of Ecoinformatics & Biodiversity at Aarhus University, will present some of the traditional uses of palms by the peoples living in tropical forests.

Talk is delivered in English. Entrance is free.

*** NOTE: Due to Covid-19 and the current norms on physical distancing, booking is limited to the first 35 attendants. 

Contact divulgacion@raices.dk to reserve your place or register on the Facebook page of the event https://www.facebook.com/events/703629903826703/ ***

The language and format of the seminars are designed for people from all backgrounds: we want to bring research out of the academia and communicate with everyone!

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For more info: divulgacion@raices.dk

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