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2020.03.11 | Department of Bioscience

Arrangements at Aurora

Due to the risk of spread of the coronavirus, the below measures are introduced regarding RV Aurora. All public events are cancelled for the time beingOnly the absolutely necessary persons must be on board the vesselThe rules of the vessel to minimise the spread of the coronavirus on board must be followed – ask the crew if you are…

2020.02.17 | Department of Bioscience

PhD develops the food trend of the future: Sugar kelp

Fresh, crisp and with a note of nuts. This is what the new superfood tastes like, and the food industry is waking up to its potential. But if we are to serve kelp for dinner, something needs to be done in the production. It has to be both sustainable and yields need to be large enough for business to be interested. Industrial PhD Teis Boderskov…

2020.01.14 | Department of Bioscience

The Danish Olympic team in biology visits the Departments of Biology and Molecular Biology and Genetics

Last week, the Departments of Molecular Biology and Genetics and Biology organised the 17th Danish semifinal in the Biology Olympiad for secondary school students from all over the country. Half of the students advanced to the national final.


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