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About Biology

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Bioscience is about life in all respects. We teach, provide consultancy and research in life; right from bacteria to whales over genes to ecosystems and from basic research to applied biology in nature management and biotechnology.

The Department of Bioscience was established in 2011 with the vision to develop a globally leading research unit within biology.

The Department of Bioscience was created by a merger of the Department of Biological Sciences, Aarhus University and NERI. The Department priorities a good teaching environment and carries out basic research, strategic research and research-based consultancy services which lead to a deeper understanding of ecological connections in aquatic and terrestrial environments.

With approximately 430 staff and more than 500 students at Bachelor and Master levels as well as 130 thesis writing students, it makes for an exciting and inspiring working and study life. In addition, we collaborate very closely with other Departments organised under the Faculty of Science and Technology which has resulted in many new exciting opportunities within the research and when combining biology with, i.e. computer science, geoscience or molecular biology and genetics.

In short, biology is a broad and lively subject in which new ideas tickles out. If you have any questions regarding our research or teaching activities, please do not hesitate to contact anyone of our staff members.

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To create groundbreaking knowledge of benefit to society on living organisms and their function, evolution and interaction with the environment and use this knowledge to educate biologists at the highest international level and to provide consultancy to the authorities and business to benefit society.


The Department of Bioscience aims to be the leading biology department in Denmark. The Department will achieve this through excellent research, educating highly qualified biologists and by being the preferred consultancy partner for authorities and businesses for assignments on nature and the environment. We want to be known internationally for our high level of professionalism and to be an attractive workplace for employees and students.

Strategic Plan

Download our Strategi Plan 2016-2020.

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The Department of Bioscience is the result of a merger of the former Department of Biology, AU, and five groups of researchers from the former National Environmental Research Institute (NERI): Department of Freshwater Ecology, Department of Terrestrial Ecology, Department of Arctic Environment, Department of Wildlife Biology and Biodiversity and Department of Marine Ecology.

The National Environmental Research Institute became a part of Aarhus University on 1 January 2007, and in March 2011 it was merged with the Department of Biology under the former Faculty of Science. As part of the merger, the interdisciplinary coordination - previously handled by the former National Environmental Research Institute - concerning applied research and dissemination in the field of nature and the environment was passed on to a newly established centre at Aarhus University: DCE - Danish Centre for Environment and Energy The centre serves as an access point for government agencies, industry, interest organisations and the public to the academic environments at Aarhus University in the fields of nature, environment and energy. The centre, among other sources, draws on research from the Department of Bioscience.

The Department of Bioscience forms part of the Faculty of Science and Technology. Follow the links to read more about the history of the former Faculty of Science and the National Environmental Research Institute