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Professor Jens-Christian Svenning founded Center for Biodiversity Dynamics in A Changing World in August 2017 based on a personal VILLUM Investigator grant from VILLUM FONDEN. It is currently funded from 2017-2023. The Center will focus on improving our understanding and predictive capacity of the complex biodiversity dynamics under anthropogenic global change and their consequences for people and society, and to develop novel solutions to promote a biodiverse future. We will improve our ability to use the rapidly growing richness and quality of relevant Big Data (notably from remote sensing), and develop novel interdisciplinary approaches to understand how biodiversity and society interact and promote biodiversity in a changing, densely populated world. 

VILLUM Investigator Ceremony

Thursday April 27 14.30-17.30 at VILLUM Window Collection, Maskinvej 4, 2860 Søborg    

Inauguration of VILLUM Investigator grant/center 9 November 2017