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Naturmødet 2023

Tove H Jørgensen and Trine Bilde from the Ecogenetic Centre (Biology, Aarhus University) presented the importance of genetic diversity in conservation of insect populations on Learn scenen at Naturmødet (May 2023).

Ecogenetics Retreat - Sandbjerg 2022

A fantastic workshop where we could catch up on progress in all the core groups from Denmark, Scotland and Finland as well as set the stage for the future development of our project. 

We had very intense days with a comprehensive scientific program during the day as well as many fun team building activities to keep us busy in the evenings.

We also used the occasion of this workshop to invite representatives of SustainScapes (Center for Sustainable Landscapes under Global Change) and brainstorm on possible synergies between us. 

Ecogenetics retreat - Mols 2021

We had our first EcoGeneticsworkshop at Mols Laboratoriet in October 2021

In this workshop, it was great post-corona lockdowns to sit physically together and have some very intense days of project planning, brainstorming and networking. We had the opportunity to update each other on the state of the art for ongoing projects, as well as define and develop directions and working groups for the future development of different projects in the centre. It was the first time we all met in person and it was very productive and inspirational for everyone. An added value was to be in the beautiful setting of Mols bjerge, which we had the chance to explore a bit as well.