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Marine Biological Station Rønbjerg

A marine biological station located at Rønbjerg Harbour in close proximity to Løgstør in the northwestern part of Jutland. Address: Livøvej 141, DK-9681 Ranum

The station is used for marine research projects, courses and other teaching activities at national and international research and education institutions.  


  • Running, filtered fjord water
  • Dry and wet laboratories
  • Boat with outboard motor (Exxon Valdez)
  • Auditorium, meeting rooms and living space
  • 8 single and 11 double rooms

Guided tour of Rønbjerg Marinebiological station Guided tour of Rønbjerg Marinebiological station, which is a research and course facility. The video shows the different facilities on the station. Photographer: Peter Gramstrup