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About us

At SustainScapes

We aim at rethinking landscapes for restoring biodiversity in a world with increasing resource needs and a changing climate.

We combine a national and international team of researchers dedicated to find Sustainable solutions across landScapes.    

We are funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation through their "Novo Nordisk Foundation Challenge Programme".                 


We take a historical and national landscape scale perspective while considering regional and global scale societal and environmental linkages in a globalized world.                    

We consider two fundamental elements for long term sustainable solutions: soil properties and their interaction with above and below ground biodiversity and ecosystem stability.

We implement Nature based Solutions (NbS) for the recovery of biodiversity and geodiversity across open land, forests, and built-up areas.                                                                               

We prioritize multiple Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), e.g., life on land, climate action, responsible food production, and sustainable cities.                                   

We utilize time-series of remotely sensed data for landscape visualizations and to develop a change detection and decision tool for optimal local engagement and collective impact.    

We work interdisciplinary across biology, agroecology, and social sciences and involve local and regional stakeholders for real world implantations.