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Drones (UAS)

UAS4Ecology has several different drones (UAS) with different characteristics. This page shows an overview of the various drones with a description of their properties and features. 



  • Name: MK8-3500
  • Type: Multi-rotor drone (octocopter)
  • The MK8-3500 from MikroKopter is a very versatile universal carrier platform. We have integrated a dual sensor setup on this UAS (LiDAR (-> link to Yellowscan Surveyor) and multispectral camera MicaSense RedEdge-3). Since 2017 we have carried out various drone operation in Denmark, Switzerland, and Greenland this setup. Besides the redundancy of the flight electronics and power supply, its light construction and the removable booms where main arguments for choosing this platform. Effective flight time for recording usable sensor data is about 18 minutes.
  • Link: https://files.mikrokopter.de/EN_mk8_flyer.pdf 

Drone 4


MK Quadro XL Starter

  • Name: MK Quadro XL Starter
  • Type: Multi-rotor drone (quadrocopter)
  • The MK Quadro XL Starter now is one of our legacy drones. UAS4Ecology Lab manager Urs Treier as assembled this copter in 2014 and since then it has proven to a very reliably drone, even in the remotest areas in Greenland. During the many field campaigns, we mainly flew consumer based Canon EOS cameras, either of the shelf or modified for near-infrared imagery only. Starting with our 2015 field campaigns we also flew the Micasense RedEdge-3 with this platform. Effective flight time for recording usable sensor data is about 10-12 minutes.
  • Link: https://wiki.mikrokopter.de/en/MK-QuadroXL 

Drone 3



Flying with eBee at Mols Laboratory Research Station

Flying with drones can be done in many ways depending on the surroundings and the task. This is an example from a droneflight and scanning at the Mols Laboratory Research Station. The drone used in the film is an eBee X. 

Mapping vegetation at Molslaboratoriet med eBee X From YouTube - UAS4Ecology Lab


Urs Treier

Lab manager Department of Biology - Ecoinformatics and Biodiversity