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UAS4Ecology Lab

- Drones for Ecological Research

UAS4Ecology Lab – Laboratory for Ecological Research with Drones – at the Department of Biology uses 'Unmanned Aerial Systems' (UAS) to collect data and to answer fundamental and applied ecological questions. UAS4Ecology Lab was established in 2016 by Professor Signe Normand, who today is the scientific leader of the laboratory. Urs Treier is the UAS4Ecology Lab manager.

UAS4Ecology Lab contributes to scientific research across various projects at the Department of Biology at Aarhus University. specifically, the lab performs datacollection, analyses connections and changes in nature and creates visualisations of changes over time. As such, our drones contributes to create new scientific methods across the subjects of biodiversity and ecology.

Furthermore, the laboratory's researchers teach satellite and drone-based remote sensing in Environmental Science in the shape of PhD courses as well as courses for people and businesses who use UAS technology in their profession