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WPI: Data and Neanderthal biogeography

A new theoretically robust, qualitative, and quantitative data-driven Neanderthal biogeography

The objective of WPI is to develop a theoretically refined, historically reflected, and widely applicable critical approach to Neanderthal biogeography that integrates a multi-parameter behavioural dimension. To generate data-sets and data-driven interpretations on the variation of behaviour and adaptive responses to glacial environments of northern Neanderthals, which will inform and validate the theoretical model, as well as, provide empirical input for the computational modelling in WPIII.

By including explicit behavioural adaptation data obtained from an in-depth analysis of the archaeological record – producing an understanding of Neanderthal response systems that is at once qualitative and quantitative – NeanderEDGE moves beyond the use of Neanderthal ‘presences’ or ‘absences’ as a one-to-one causally related proxy for adaptive success and contributes significantly to the theoretical field in which it positions itself.