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What is a Center of Excellence?

Center for Ecological Dynamics in a Novel Biosphere (ECONOVO) is a Center of Excellence - funded for a 6 years’ period by the Danish National Research Foundation from January 2023 – December 2028.

Centers of Excellence can be established within and across all scientific fields and are expected to engage in pondering some of the large unsolved questions and address the challenges that intrigue them the most. The philosophy is that when excellent people work with problems, they are most passionate about, groundbreaking results will follow. In other words, Danish National Research Foundation welcomes curiosity-driven research or what might be described as exceptional researchers’ “dream projects". Centers are headed by distinguished scientists who have not only shown excellence in their own research but also proven themselves as visionary leaders able to form a creative and dynamic research community. 

Please read more about Centers of Excellence here and about ECONOVO’s grant from the Danish National Research Foundation here.


Further Funding

Other research projects will continuously be included within the framework of ECONOVO.
Those projects are funded by: