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WP1 - Multiple Global Change Drivers & Delays

What we do

In WP1 we investigate the connections between past, present, and future biodiversity and production. We specifically aim to understand how Global Change Drivers (GCDs) and the historical degradation of the ecosystem affect our ability to maintain biodiversity and production under future global change.  

How we do

With WP1, an extensive field campaign is launched to sample microclimatic conditions, soil properties, plant species richness and composition, and organic material for eDNA analyses. The survey and studies will range spatially across selected Case-Landscapes, nationally in Denmark, and at a European-level of scale. The ecosystem stability will be assessed by using estimates of aboveground biomass and productivity with a combination of novel remote sensing techniques including satellite- and drone-based datasets. 

Why we do it

The research results are expected to provide novel insight on the impact of GCDs. We seek to answer how the GCDs have affected the above/below-ground biodiversity and the ecosystem processes. With new research results, we aim to provide fundamental knowledge about how to protect and restore multiple aspects of biodiversity on both local and regional scale. 

WP1 Team

Junior Investigator

Postdoc Cecilie Hermansen


Sebastian Gutierrez


Anne-Cathrine Storgaard Danielsen


ZsΓ³fia Koma 

Leader of WP1

Professor Signe Normand

Co PI of WP1

Professor Lis Wollesen de Jonge 

International Co PI of WP1

Senior Scientist Aveliina Helm