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Chartering AURORA

Chartering of RV Aurora

Aurora can be chartered on an hourly or daily basis. The pricing distinguishes between AU based research tasks and commercial charterings.

Hourly chartering is a minimum of 6 hours and a maximum of 10 hours. The crew is 2 persons and if additional crew is required, this must be agreed upon before signing the contract. Catering is not included in hourly charters.

Chartering on a 24-hour basis allows 24-hour operation. The crew is 4 persons plus a steward.

Fuel is charged at the daily rate. Please contact skipper Torben Vang to calculate the correct amount of fuel and other costs.

Commercial chartering does not include the ship's scientific equipment, which is rented separately at current prices.

Commercial charters are arranged through Klaus Heun Shipping by prior arrangement with skipper Torben Vang.

Inquiries regarding chartering and pricing can be made to skipper Torben Vang or chairman of the ship group Peter Grønkjær.

If you want to charter AURORA, or if you have any questions about interior design or equipment, please contact: