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The group behind AURORA

The construction of the vessel has been planned since 2007, but the specific ideas and design did not gain momentum until 2009, as the money for the vessel was found. Much time has been spent finding ideas and using the university’s great knowledge of and experience with research vessels.

This assignment has been carried out by a project group consisting of highly skilled and experienced persons from the field. The group is broadly represented - not only regarding fields, but also within practical experience and knowledge.  Thus, most of the professional fields that primarily will be using AURORA’s research facilities both cover a theoretical and a practical approach.

The project group consists of:

Department of Biology


Among the members of the group, you will probably find the largest collection of experience from raids with all types of research vessels that are among the university's employees. In the practical design of Aurora, ideas from ships from Europe and the USA have been incorporated to the extent that the economy has allowed it.