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Chartering AURORA

Expected Chartering prices for contracts made in 2019

  • Daily price 1.800 DKK excl. VAT per hour, minimum 6 hours, maximum 10 hours (including fuel)
  • Price, 24 hours: 29.500 DKK excl. VAT (excluding fuel). In addition a steward at 2.000 DKK per 24 hours. Steward may be omitted by agreement.   

Meals are not included.

As a general rule, fuel costs of approximately DKK 1,500 excl. VAT per 24 hours should be calculated for electricity, heating, etc. and approximately DKK 100 for fuel per nautical mile the vessel has to sail at a cruise speed of approximately eight knots. A few other costs can be added, e.g. transport of the crew if 24 hours sailings are combined with daily cruises. The fuel prices will probably also vary. You are welcome to contact Torben Vang regarding a calculation of the correct fuel amount and other expenses.

Commercial charter

Price for commercial charter of the R / V Aurora: kr 40.000, - excl. VAT per day, excl fuel and (optionally) chef.

Kommercial chartering does not include the measuring equipment to be used during sailing. This must be leased separately. Ask for prices.

Commercial charters are arranged through Klaus Heun Shipping only in agreement with the skipper, Torben Vang.

If you want to charter AURORA, or if you have any questions about interior design or equipment, please contact: