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Ecoinformatics and New Technologies

We see the informatics revolution and the linked rapid development in sensor technologies as a key opportunity for achieving the urgently needed progress on how to tackle the massive and building pressure on the biosphere that we all depend on, as well as to address core unanswered questions in ecological science. Our research has two key foci: (1) Development of new and stronger ecoinformatics capabilities, to be able to realize the potential in the increasingly massive amounts of relevant data. There will be strong synergy with the GLOBAL CHALLENGES theme in developing forecast models, so that they are computationally efficient and can run on the massive high-resolution spatiotemporal data sets needed for maximum relevancy for landscape planning. (2) Exploiting the rising potential for extremely high-resolution analyses and modelling of dynamics in biodiversity, ecosystems and their services using novel sources of remote sensing.  

Theme leader

Signe Normand

Professor, Centre Director