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Biodiversity loss and human resource use are accelerating, increasing the demand for land for biobased production and ecosystem restoration.

Current biodiversity is shaped by centuries of pressure from multiple global change drivers (GCDs) and societies call for urgent action towards multiple Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We rethink how we prioritize land for biodiversity restoration and bio-based production while considering local needs and global challenges.

We provide the scientific basis and spatially explicit local sustainable solutions while accounting for both historical, ongoing, and future human pressures in a globalized world.                    

We address

How did multiple Global Change Drivers (GCDs) imprint soils and thus affect our ability to maintain biodiversity jointly with a sustainable biobased production?

See WP1 below.

How can Nature-based Solutions (NbS) and landscape prioritization best contribute to restore the diversity of life (biodiversity) and soils (geodiversity)?          

See WP2 below.

How are local to nation-wide sustainable solutions embedded in a globalized context?                                                                                                                       

See WP3 below.

How do visualizations of local co-benefits of SDGs foster implementation of transformative, sustainable, and actionable solutions?                                   

See WP4 & WP5 below.

Graphical illustration of SustainScapes
and its six work packages (WP) indicated by the encircled numbers.