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Study Environment

The focal point for many extra-curricular activities at biology is the House of Biology. The building comprises a lounge, a study hall and meeting rooms where students gather for both academic and social activities. The building also houses collections of field literature and scholarly books as well as “Bio-Geo bladet”, a magazine co-written by biology and geology students, and the biology student association “Biologisk Fagudvalg” which informs students about what is happening in the Department. This small oasis will help you gain a sense of belonging and inevitably you will meet familiar faces.   

Student Organisations

There are a number of student organisations for biology students, each one with a specific purpose in mind. I.e. “Biogas” which organises parties with different themes for our students or  “Kulten” which from time to time arranges field trips to scenic places around Denmark. Aarhus University also offers a wide range of clubs and organisations which you may be interested in joining.  

Commencing your Studies

when commencing your studies, older students, who act as tutors, will help you settle in your new environment. The tutors set up a programme which involves activities such as excursions, lectures, communal eating and other social activities. They also assist in organising study groups where you and some of your fellow students meet in order to prepare yourselves for lessons or exams