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WP1 - Multiple GCDs & delays

We are investigating the past to future fundamental connections between biodiversity and production.

Our aim is to understand how historical ecosystem degradation affects our ability to maintain biodiversity and production under future global change.

To understand these connections, work package one has a strong focus on soils.

Field work will cover three spatial extents, i.e., Case Landscapes, Denmark, and Europe.

An extensive field survey will be initiated were we will collect soil, assess plant richness and community composition, measure  microclimatic conditions, and sample organic material for eDNA analyses.

Research results of this work package are expected to provide novel insight on the impact of multiple Global Change Drivers and information for a multiple-faceted biodiversity protection and restoration at the landscape to European scale.  

Q1.1 How have single and multiple GCDs affected soil properties, above/below-ground biodiversity, ecosystem processes and stability at local to European scale? Do delayed responses accumulate from soils to higher trophic levels?

Q1.2 How have multiple GCDs have affected geodiversity and its relation to biodiversity and ecosystem stability at the landscape scale?

Q1.3 How can new agricultural practices increase soil diversity and bio-based production?

Q1.4 How will future extreme events affect soil properties/biota and our ability to maintain biodiversity and production?