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Adaptation of plants to climate change


Are temperature fluctuations more important than rising temperature for photosynthetic acclimation to global warming?

Photosynthesis is one of the most important processes for life on earth: it provides primary production at the basis of the food chain and is a determining factor in harvesting carbon from the atmosphere. Temperature has a huge influence on the efficacy of photosynthesis, and effects of warming is a focal point in photosynthesis research in relation to the adaptations of plants to global changes. However, there is increasing evidence that warmer conditions, as such, are not as determining to the plant response to climate changes, as extreme and fluctuating temperatures in the environment. Therefore, we investigate the physiological adaptations of plants to temperature fluctuations focusing on photosynthesis. The aim is to produce knowledge, which is essential to the prediction of future spread, diversity and productivity of plants in nature as well as in crop plants.


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