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Climate and environmental conditions in Greenland


Automated data collection from climate, environment and ecosystems

Researchers from Aarhus University have over the last 25 years made long-term environmental measurements in East Greenland, mostly in the Daneborg/Zackenberg area. Time is ready to scale up measurements to cover the whole region and eventually all of Greenland. The Arctic Research Centre at Aarhus University has begun to develop a new technology for such upscaling. The research project is a cross disciplinary collaboration between atmosphere, cryosphere, terrestrial, limnic and marine scientists as well as engineers.

Aage V. Jensens Foundations have donated almost 6 million DKK for a test unit in connection with a mobile measuring platform that will be able to obtain measurements of climate, environmental and living conditions for animals and plants along the climate gradient that exists from Cape Farewell to the northern parts of Greenland (see figure below). Data will be transferred in near real-time.


Søren Rysgaard

Professor Arctic Research Centre

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