Aarhus Universitets segl


At ECONOVO our core group members often host visiting researchers from around the World. Currently we are hosting the following guests:

  • Fangfang Ma, Visiting Researcher, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China. 
  • Zhigang Hu, Visiting PhD student, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China.  
  • Daniel Romera, Visiting PhD student, University of Cordoba, Spain.
  • Runqiu Huang, visiting PhD student, and from Zhejiang University, China.
  • Ujala Ejaz, Visiting PhD student, Quaid e Azam University, Pakistan. 
  • Yingbo Yang, Visiting postdoc, Lanzhou University, China.
  • Sadia Jehangir, Visiting PhD student, Quaid e Azam University, Pakistan.
  • Hongru Jia, Associate professor, Henan Finance University, China.