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Group Leader

Photo of Trine Bilde
Trine Bilde

​Trine Bilde - Professor

  • Evolution of cooperation
  • Evolutionary ecology of inbreeding
  • Kin cooperation
  • Ecology and phylogeography of social spiders
  • Sexual selection and evolution of mating systems
  • Ecogenomics
  • Epigenetics and Gene expression
  • Plasticity and adaptation
  • More
Photo by Virginia Settepani; Female Pisaura mirabilis, Pevestorf, Germany
Photo by Virginia Settepani
Female Pisaura mirabilis, Pevestorf, Germany

Lab Members


Anne Aagard Lauridsen
Anne Aagard Lauridsen

Anne Aagard Lauridsen - PhD

  • Epigenetics
  • Gene expression
  • Local adaptation
Photo of Alexander Lammers
Alexander Lammers

Alexander Lammers - PhD

​(co-supervising with Michael Lalk, Greifswald University (Germany))

  • Chemical ecology
  • Bioactive compounds 
  • ​Metabolomics​​
  • GC-MS, HPLC-MS, NMR, and mass spectrometry imaging  
Clemence Krystel Marie Rose
Clemence Krystel Marie Rose

Clemence Krystel Marie Rose - PhD

  • Task differentiation in social spiders,
  • Ecology of social spiders,
  • Urban ecology,
  • Microbiome  

Post Docs

Photo of Jesper Bechsgaard
Jesper Bechsgaard

Jesper Bechsgaard - Post doc

  • Phylogenetics
  • Molecular evolution 
  • Population genetics
Phto of Kirsten Gade Malmos
Kirsten Gade Malmos

Kirsten Gade Malmos - Post doc

  • BioNMR
  • Metabolomics
Photo of Virginia Settepani
Virginia Settepani

Virginia Settepani - Center Manager

  • Task differentiation in social spiders
  • Genomic consequences of sociality

Associated researchers

Maria Jose Albo

Phto of Maria Jose Albo
Maria Jose Albo

Assistant at the Department of Ecology and Evolution, Faculty of Science, University of the Republic, Uruguay, and at Clemente Estable Biological Research Institute

  • Sexual selection,
  • Evolution of mating system,
  • Origin and evolution of nuptial gifts in spiders,
  • Pisauridae and Trechaleidae families  

Cristina Tuni

Photo of Cristina Tuni
Cristina Tuni

Research Associate, LMU München, Department of Biology

Evolution of polyandry, Nuptial feeding mating systems

Former lab members

Christina Holm

Christina Holm
Christina Holm - PhD
Dietary niche and cooperative foraging, Parental care, Life history, Physiology

Marija Majer

Marija Majer
Marija Majer - PhD
Landscape genetics, Macroecology

Lena Grinsted

Lena Grinsted
Lena Grinsted - PhD
Task differentiation, Evolution of reproductive skew

Paolo Ghislandi

Reut Berger-Tal

Photo of Reut Berger-Tal
Reut Berger-Tal - Post Doc
Cooperation, Life history, Immunology

Shenglin Liu

Shenglin Liu
Shenglin Liu - Post doc

Seven Nazifi

Photo of Seven Nazifi
Seven Nazifi - PhD
Host-microbiome interactions, antimicrobial compounds

Tobias Sandfeld

Bram Vanthournout

Photo of Bram Vanthournout
Bram Vanthournout - Post Doc
Sex ratio distortion, Endosymbionts

André Walter

Photo of André Walter
André Walter - Post doc
Kin recognition, Behaviour

Michelle Greve

Photo Michelle Greve
Michelle Greve - Post Doc
Life history, Physiology, Macroecology

Jessica Barker

Caitlin Stern

Photo of Caitlin Stern
Caitlin Stern - Post Doc
evolution of sociality, evolution of cooperation, mathematical modeling of the evolution of behavior

Anja Junghanns

Photo of Anja Junghanns
Anja Junghanns - PhD
Parental care, Matriphagy, Histology