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Group Leader

Photo of Trine Bilde
Trine Bilde

​Trine Bilde - Professor

  • Evolution of cooperation
  • Evolutionary ecology of inbreeding
  • Kin cooperation
  • Ecology and phylogeography of social spiders
  • Sexual selection and evolution of mating systems
  • Ecogenomics
  • Epigenetics and Gene expression
  • Plasticity and adaptation
  • More
Photo by Virginia Settepani; Female Pisaura mirabilis, Pevestorf, Germany
Photo by Virginia Settepani
Female Pisaura mirabilis, Pevestorf, Germany

Lab Members


Photo of Anne Aagard Lauridsen
Anne Aagard Lauridsen

Anne Aagard Lauridsen - PhD

  • Epigenetics
  • Gene expression
  • Local adaptation
Photo of Alexander Lammers
Alexander Lammers

Alexander Lammers - PhD

​(co-supervising with Michael Lalk, Greifswald University (Germany))

  • Chemical ecology
  • ​Metabolomics​​
  • More

Post Docs

Photo of Jesper Bechsgaard
Jesper Bechsgaard

​Jesper Bechsgaard - Post doc

  • Phylogenetics
  • Molecular evolution 
  • Population genetics
  • More
Phto of Kirsten Gade Malmos
Kirsten Gade Malmos

Kirsten Gade Malmos - Post doc

Photo of Virginia Settepani
Virginia Settepani

Virginia Settepani - Post doc

  • Task differentiation in social spiders
  • Genomic consequences of sociality
  • More

Associated researchers

Phto of Maria Jose Albo
Maria Jose Albo - Post Doc
Sexual selection, evolution of mating system

Maria Jose Albo

Cristina Tuni

Cristina Tuni
Cristina Tuni - Research Associate, LMU München, Department of Biology
Evolution of polyandry, Nuptial feeding mating systems

Former lab members

Christina Holm

Christina Holm
Christina Holm - PhD
Dietary niche and cooperative foraging, Parental care, Life history, Physiology

Marija Majer

Marija Majer
Marija Majer - PhD
Landscape genetics, Macroecology

Lena Grinsted

Lena Grinsted
Lena Grinsted - PhD
Task differentiation, Evolution of reproductive skew

Paolo Ghislandi

Paolo Ghislandi
Paolo Ghislandi - PhD
Mating systems, Alternative mating strategies

Reut Berger-Tal

Reut Berger-Tal - Post Doc
Cooperation, Life history, Immunology

Shenglin Liu

Shenglin Liu
Shenglin Liu - Post doc

Seven Nazifi

Seven Nazifi
Seven Nazifi - PhD
Host-microbiome interactions, antimicrobial compounds

Tobias Sandfeld

Tobias Sandfeld
Tobias Sandfeld - PhD
Chemical ecology of invertebrates, metabolomics, defense symbiosis

Bram Vanthournout

Bram Vanthournout
Bram Vanthournout - Post Doc
Sex ratio distortion, Endosymbionts

André Walter

André Walter
André Walter - Post doc
Kin recognition, Behaviour

Michelle Greve

Michelle Greve
Michelle Greve - Post Doc
Life history, Physiology, Macroecology

Jessica Barker

Jessica Barker
Jessica Barker - Post Doc
Evolution of cooperation, social insects, human behaviour, communication, decision-making

Caitlin Stern

Caitlin Stern
Caitlin Stern - Post Doc
evolution of sociality, evolution of cooperation, mathematical modeling of the evolution of behavior