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Center for Biodiversity Dynamics in a Changing World 

BIODIVERSITY is what makes Earth habitable, and a wonderful place to live. Critically, however, it is eroding and facing strong future risks from the large, growing human population, intensifying human activities, and massive climate change. To safeguard and restore biodiversity, we need to improve our understanding and predictive capacity of the complex human-driven biodiversity dynamics and their consequences for people and society, and to develop novel solutions to promote a biodiverse future.

BIOCHANGE addresses this crucial challenge via four linked research themes:


Dr. Alex Pigot: Tipping points for biodiversity on a rapidly warming planet

12 maj
Torsdag 12 . maj 2022, kl. 14:00 on ZOOM


Frans Schepers: This is #WhyWeRewild. Inspirations for practical rewilding in Europe

27 apr
Onsdag 27 . april 2022, kl. 14:15 Visible upon registration

BIOCHANGE seminar series 2022

Dr. Katharine MacDonald: Effect of human activities on vegetation during the Last Interglacial at Neumark- Nord, Germany: interpretation and implications

5 apr
Tirsdag 5 . april 2022, kl. 14:00 Online

BIOCHANGE Seminar Series

Center Director

Jens-Christian Svenning

Professor, Centerleder Institut for Biologi - Økoinformatik og biodiversitet