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Interdisciplinary Innovation

Our research has focus on big, complex issues, integrating topics such as global change, ecoinformatics, and human-environment relations.  This entails a strong need for interdisciplinarity, and our goal with this theme is to explore the potential of novel cross-disciplinary development of perspectives and methods in gaining new ground on important and often complex issues related to biodiversity dynamics in this fast-changing world. We will keep a strategically open agenda to keep exploring novel interdisciplinary possibilities, as we see this as essential for coming up with truly new ideas, new methods, and perspectives needed for breakthroughs on established questions. However, focus areas are:

(1) Enhance the collaboration with computer science to unfold the potential for Big Data studies on biodiversity and the global challenges.

(2) Increase our understanding of human dependence on nature via application and integration of theory from a broad range fields, informatics, and remote sensing to study impacts of environment and biodiversity on societal development and human well-being.

(3) Develop interdisciplinary research on landscape planning to safeguard biodiversity, ecosystem services and human well-being in an Anthropocene world with strong human population growth, strong urbanization, and looming massive climate change. This will involve linking fields such as ecology, geography, landscape architecture, economy, and medicine, often using spatial Big Data modelling with remote sensing data in a key role.

Theme leader